Factors To Consider While Buying Ethernet Cables

While buying any network cable, two things are considered most important i.e. the quality and the price. The quality of an Ethernet cable is particularly very important since a good quality Ethernet cable can avoid frequent replacement and gives the best performance. Likewise, there are many other factors that add to a high-quality Ethernet cable, which must be considered while buying one:

  • Good ethernet cable passes the fluke test- A fluke test is essential and is also considered the most authoritative criteria to know the quality of the ethernet cable. Usually, a small network ethernet patch cables just need to pass the channel testing whereas the patch cables for big networks must pass the patch cord testing. Even though most of the vendors are aware of the fluke test, only a few known sellers like PrimeCables guarantee you Ethernet cables that have 100% passed the fluke test.
  • Good Ethernet cable uses oxygen-free copper wire- Copper is one of the best materials to be used in a cable network. Priorities are given to copper wire, oxygen-free copper wire, and bare copper wire. The purity of the copper wire is the most important as it allows very little signal loss. The price of these cable networks may be higher than the others but it ensures qualitative and long-lasting performance. 
  • 50um gold-plated connectors- The materials of the connectors used in a cable network are crucial for maintaining constant signals. Even though silver has the best conductivity, it is highly oxidizable. On the other hand, gold is hardly oxidized in the natural environment. The thickness of the gold plating which is measured in microns is also very vital. Low-micron plating will wear out quickly hence, it is advisable to use the thickest gold-plating available which is 50 microns. This thickness of the material used in Ethernet cables maintains fast and stable connectivity.
  • Ethernet cable that uses flame-retardant jacket- There are two types of materials, non-flame retardant, and flame retardant jacket. A flame retardant jacket is used to resist the spread of fire into a new area which the non-flame retardant cannot. Therefore, it is important for safety reasons that you buy cable networks that are flame-retardant. Normally, Ethernet cables use PVC, CM, and LSZH in patch cabling environment. 

These are some of the most important factors that you should be considering while buying an ethernet cable.

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