How IoT Technology Transforms Construction Operations

Nowadays, IoT technology is influencing almost all the industries. The construction operations are not an exception. The investors and project managers are using IoT technologies to track and complete a project fast. Also, IoT ensures better safety.

Like a road flare, they use different technologies to make a construction project safe for workers and everyday people. Recent statistics reveal that IoT has become a must in the construction operations.

These innovative technologies play a crucial role in waste management, safety, and cost reduction. In this article, we are going to discuss how IoT technology transforms construction operations.

IoT & Construction Industry

The growth of urbanization has made the construction industry busier than ever. You can see many new construction projects in your area. It is happening in almost all corners of the world.

Therefore, project managers have started looking for innovative ways and new technologies to complete their projects first and safely. They find IoT technology worth considering since it can enable them to meet the different needs of their projects. Here are more details.

Deals with the Skills Shortage Problem

Like many other industries, the construction industry is also affected by the recession. More than thousands of workers are leaving their jobs, and it has created a skill gap.

In 2020, more workers decided to retire due to the danger associated with the construction industry. According to a survey report, the industry has 350,000 fewer workers than required. The concerned authorities are trying different ways to fill the gap.

They are focusing more on the automation to minimize the dependency factor and complete the project before the time without any exception. IoT technology is bringing automation in different areas of construction projects.

Ensures On-time Completion

Construction projects are facing difficulties in meeting deadlines. It has become an unavoidable issue for project managers. As more workers leave their jobs, most of the projects are having problems meeting the deadline.

The use of IoT technology is helping many to deal with this labor and skill complexity. It enables managers to complete the project on time without affecting the end cost.

You can say that it boosts the confidence of the investors and managers while helping them to meet the deadlines.

Makes the Team More Productive

The construction projects demand more attention and safety measures to complete the project on time. The project depends on the skills and many other resources to ensure timely completion.

By using IoT, managers can boost the team’s productivity and track the task efficiently. They can monitor the group, delivery of the material, and a lot of other things that can help to complete the project fast.

Addresses the Safety Issues

The construction projects are associated with a lot of risks. Sometimes, it can be fatal and lead to a significant loss.

However, IoT technology makes the construction site safe by implementing the right strategy and finding out the safety issues in real-time. By using IoT, managers can minimize many safety issues that include falls from heights, electric shock, repetitive motion injuries, equipment failure injuries, and trench collapse.

IoT can be useful to prevent these unpredictable accidents by offering real-time data. Ultimately, workers will feel more confident about safety, and more workers will be inspired to join the construction industry.

Helps with Better Waste Management

The construction industry is obliged to recycle the waste and dispose of the waste material. The process is time-consuming. Also, investors have to spend on logistic operations. They need to document waste disposal.

They need to choose an efficient recycling process, as well. In brief, they need to follow a lot of things for waste management. They will have to design a possible disposal plan, educate workers on sustainability, and adopt zero waste practices.

They need to document each and everything. IoT can everything easier for them.

Wrapping Up

The outdated technology makes it difficult for project managers to complete the project on time without endangering the workforce’s lives. IoT technology can be useful in boosting the efficiency and productivity of the team.

If investors and managers rely on outdated technologies, they might not complete the project on time. More importantly, it might cause safety concerns. IoT will make everything fast and cost-effective. It can manage many construction issues related to safety, delays, and project costs.


3 Ways IoT Enhances Manufacturing Workflow Capabilities

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to connected devices that function as an integrated network in a factory or manufacturing setup. The idea is to collect and analyze data on how different devices and components are functioning. 

This is done to ensure that the production facility should operate smoothly and without a glitch. IoT is, therefore, also called IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things). The basic idea of IoT is to see if operations and processes are alright. If, not what’s wrong and how it can be set right.

In a large manufacturing facility, where thousands of machines and people are working at different geographical locations, it is impossible to keep a manual check on all the devices and components and ensure that they are working efficiently, optimally, and in a cost-efficient manner. 

IoT or IIoT is a software solution that collects relevant information from all the departments in a complex manufacturing or business environment. It analyzes it for productivity, cost-efficiency, and various other parameters.

JDE or J.D. Edwards is the world’s largest business resource planning software provider. It offers IoT solutions to the world’s top 5000 companies whose operations are extensive and spread across the globe. JDE also provides customized IoT solutions to many large companies and business enterprises.

JDE has a cloud-based solution for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). It offers ERP tools and applications for manufacturing, HR, finance sectors. These solutions are used by large as well as midsize businesses worldwide.

So, what are the three ways IoT enhances manufacturing workflow capabilities? You may be interested in knowing how your organization, manufacturing facility, or business can benefit from IoT.

Here are the three most important benefits of IoT:

No More Blindspots in Manufacturing Process

Machines and processes that are IoT enabled and optimized can communicate operational details to personnel inside their organization and outside vendors. The people who may have access to such information and details include managers, operators, and field personnel. 

Even people outside the organization may have such data for better coordination and timely decisions. These may include suppliers, contractors, and OEMs. This means your production process is fully connected and networked with different decision-makers who can make decisions critical to the project. 

From the operator to the field and administrative staff to the top leadership, everybody has access to mission-critical data on a real-time basis. This kind of connectivity increases efficiency and removes all blindspots in the entire operational life cycle. 

There is no scope for anything disrupting the workflow because something has gone wrong, and the follow-up needs time for communication. IoT ensures the transmission is going on at all levels without any breakdown. This improves productivity.

Improved Inventory Management

IoT and modern technology in the field of inventory management ensure that people tasked with inventory management have all the information available to them. They can make use of RFID and other asset tracking systems to be always in control of things. There is never a delay in reporting what is available and what is not. 

The JDE ERP ensures that all costly mistakes are avoided. IoT provides your inventory system is ahead of its times, and it ensures all allied departments sport the same levels of efficiency and competitiveness. IoT ensures that all the items are tracked, and the data is fed into ERP automatically. 

Not only does such a system ensure there is a discrepancy in the process, but it also provides that there is a delay in updating the database.

Keeps Your Facilities Safe

Malicious attacks on manufacturing facilities are not new, and the concern is only growing with time. IoT can create and implement a full-proof protection mechanism to ensure your production facilities do not fall prey to any malicious attack.

Through IoT, all the data coming into and going out of your system is recorded and monitored in real-time for any security breach. IoT can help your organization detect and prevent any suspicious activity on your network. 

Furthermore, IoT can help you store your critical data and operation management on the cloud, giving you an extra layer of security.

Final thoughts

IoT helps you find what’s not up to the mark and where interventions are required in your enterprise. Based on these inputs, corrective and constructive measures can be taken. 

These measures not only improve productivity but also ensure better efficiencies across the board. The competitive edge of an organization improves significantly once IoT is implemented.



Which VPN Protocol is Best for You?

The world of VPNs is not quite as simple as one might think. On the most basic level, they all promise the same set of advantages and each one says that they can keep your information private and your online presence anonymous. The ways in which the different approaches attempt to achieve their goals are anything but equal, however, and it is important to know the differences so that you can choose the right tool for your needs. 

VPNs boil down to methods, approaches and protocols used to route traffic into and out of specific servers. Three of the most popular protocols are L2TP/IPSec, IPSec IKEv2, and OpenVPN. Each of these is configured differently and are good for different tasks, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to know which one your favourite VPN service employs to keep your information safe from prying eyes.

This type of connection is very commonly used by VPN providers; however, it has more vulnerabilities than either of the other two that we will cover. 

L2TP is used to create virtual private networks but it has no ability to encrypt any of the data that runs through it. IPSec comes in to create encrypted packages of data before it is sent which should be fine in theory, but many providers misuse the protocol by reusing public IP addresses. Anyone with knowledge of those addresses would be able to find a vulnerability so this is not considered to be the best when it comes to security. 

If you are using your VPN service for sensitive data, it would be advisable to consider using a VPN provider that uses either an IPSec IKEv2 or an OpenVPN protocol.

This protocol is the previous one, all grown up. There are no vulnerabilities that are known with this setup and all traffic that runs through it is encrypted with very strong, 256-bit keys that have been proven nearly impossible to decrypt. 

This style of connecting to a VPN server also provides the fastest and easiest way to get set up. There is hardly ever any software to install making this a good option for those who want the best security, fast speeds and the least amount of bloat on their systems.

OpenVPN is quickly becoming the gold standard in VPN protocols. Despite having to install software for the configuration files to work properly, OpenVPN is very secure, fast, and can be used on virtually every operating system. Security-wise, OpenVPN and IPSec IKEv2 are on equal terms. The biggest difference is that OpenVPN is the fastest option available and the most reliable.

When deciding on which VPN service to use, your choices should really boil down to IPSec IKEv2 and OpenVPN as they are both fast and fully encrypted. If you don’t mind having your VPN software popping up every time you turn on your machine, OpenVPN is the fasted option and the one that gets our recommendation. There is certainly nothing wrong with IPSec IKEv2 either, though.



How To Shop For The Right VPN?

Nowadays, it has been noticed that VPN has become the best answer to the connectivity concerns. It will not be wrong to say that VPN has taken the internet to the next level. The reason behind it is simple; it is more efficient in making communication with the use of a private network. If you are operating an organization where the employees are based in different geographic locations, then you must comprar vpn to get effective communication. It is evident that a VPN is better compared to the usual internet, but most of its advantage depends upon the type of VPN service provider you select.

Mentioned below are specific points that you need to consider before purchasing the VPN for yourself or your organization.

  • The first thing which you need to determine is your budget. You need to be clear about the amount that you can spend. Keep one thing in your mind that VPN services come at different prices, and it’s completely dependent on the level of security that you need. Thus, you need to be very clear about your requirement before you opt for mejores vpn.
  • The very next thing which you need to do is narrow down your search to precisely the things that you need. You will find that there are varieties of VPN available that are PPTP, L2TP/IP, and the last one is Open VPN. All these VPNs differ in the level of security provided and the way of installation. You will find it astonishing to know that PPTP VPN is easy to install but has the least security. On the other hand, open VPN and L2TP/IP are more secure ones.
  • You also need to examine the capability of a VPN to meet your service requirement. You must know that the capability of a VPN is directly dependent on the location of the server and also the number of the server that the vendor provides.

Apart from all this, you must also check for the data caps just before you purchase a VPN. You will be shocked to know that number of VPNs does not even offer the data volume caps. This can bring down the performance of the customer if a large volume of data is downloaded. Thus, it’s recommended to consult with your service provider before you purchase it. If you follow all the points that are discussed above, then you can end up purchasing mejores VPN for your organization.


All You Need To Know About VPN

VPN is a virtual private network because it creates an encrypted passage that no one can access. The use of paras vpn nullifies the risk of getting hacked or intercepted. It allows the team members to work in the same office to work as a virtual team without being physically present. Considering the current circumstances arising out of COVID-19, it is the requirement of time.

Features of VPN

The main reasons to use VPN are as follows:

  • Privacy – VPNs provide privacy and a secure connection by encrypting traffic and also hiding the IP address and location of the user at the same time.
  • Security – Users are more prone to be a victim of cybercrime because the hackers target users by intercepting the traffic and IP address. Hence, the users of VPN in all countries like Finland should use paras vpn suomi.
  • Unrestricted Access – It gives unbarred access to movies, series, and games that are not available for a different geographic area or geo-restricted area.

Importance Of VPN In Online Privacy

The paras VPN provides both online security and privacy. Without the use of a VPN, anyone can easily locate not only IP addresses but also monitor the activities of the user. Also, the hacker can target their victim based on the online privacy and safety measures of the user.

To protect oneself from any privacy infringement, VPN is the best solution.

A VPN makes the data of the user encrypted and hence unreadable for any third party. Using public wifi with a VPN is more secure. Without the use of the device of the user becomes vulnerable to any cyber-attack.

What are VPN logs?

Before browsing any random site, it is necessary to read the logging policies of the site for privacy purposes. As call logs collect the data of incoming and outgoing calls, just like that, VPN logs collect the data of online surfing by the user.

Types Of Logs

There are three types of VPN logs:

  • Connection logs– Connection logs collect the data like IP addresses, connection data, date, and time. Here, the point of attention for a user should be the terms of use of sites properly to know that what type of data is stored, how often it is stored, and when will it be removed.
  • Browsing logs– These logs include every online activity of the user from browsing history to IP addresses. Reputed VPN services or paras VPN suomi do not store the data of the user. Free or cheap VPN services stores such information.

These were some facts related to the use of a VPN that every user should know.


Top 3 Places to Shop Online in Kenya

Online shopping is a form of E-commerce business that has gained momentum quickly all around the world. Online shopping in Kenya has grown rapidly over the years and it is estimated to become even more popular in the coming decade. In Africa, Kenya has finally become the third in terms of the volume of goods that are shopped online. People are going online to buy clothes, electronics, cosmetics, household products, motor vehicles, and various other things.

Let us now identify the top 3 places to shop online in Kenya:

  • Avechi Kenya

It is one of the most popular online e-commerce platforms that currently operate in Kenya. Many upcoming companies are making it safer for people in Kenya to shop online such as Avechi Kenya. The platform is known for offering a wide range of in-demand goods that are preferred by the local public present within the country. Purchasing a product from Avechi Kenya is comparatively easy as the website is user-friendly and allows customers to initiate online payment.

  • Jumia Kenya

This is another popular e-commerce platform that has won over the domestic market of Kenya. A wide range of products starting from Electronics to Clothing can be purchased from the online platform. Different types of payment options are also availed to the people as customers can order goods from the very convenience of their residential apartments.

  • Kilimall

It is another significant player in the e-commerce industry of Kenya. The platform lists various products and is known for exclusively selling Cubot mobile phones making it the third largest online store in Kenya.

The most convenient part of shopping online from premium platforms such as Avechi Kenya is the advantage of being aware of the global trends and ever-increasing client base for the sellers. Online shopping is becoming the new normal for the coming generation because it offers affordability, confidentiality, and accessibility. Since online stores do not need to open physical outlets they can cut the cost of showrooms which makes the product invariably cheaper. This gives the customer a chance to enjoy the best deal and low prices for the same product. This was the reason behind the digital revolution in Kenya. 

Online shopping in Kenya has become very important because it is highly evident that the modern-day marketplace will favor only those businesses which embrace technology and use it to gain a larger market. If a business has a physical store as well as an online website then it will be the most optimal for that business. Because it will attract buyers who want to buy online as well as those who prefer physical outlets.


Businesses are spending more on cybersecurity awareness training: Here’s why

How security awareness training can safeguard companies from cyber-attacks

Digital transformation may have changed the way businesses operate, but the whole concept has also raised a few concerns and risks. Businesses can no longer afford to take cybersecurity lightly, not merely for compliance, but also to prevent any kind of security breach. On the forefront of addressing various security concerns are employees. They are the ones accessing resources, using devices and testing networks, and they need to know what cybersecurity means for the organization and their job. 

It’s, therefore, not surprising that many companies are spending huge on cybersecurity awareness training for employees. In this post, we delve further into the concept. 

Why does cybersecurity awareness training matter?

Aware and trained employees don’t mess up with cybersecurity in general. In an organization, where roles and access rights are defined, it is much easier to trace the possible source of a breach. As such, employees know that they cannot escape from action. Cybersecurity training gives them the resources required to handle security in the best possible manner. From understanding simple things like finding spam emails, to safe browsing, reporting malware, and noticing network data irregularities, they get to know it all. 

Should your business outsource training?

Sometimes, the in-house IT team is not capable of cybersecurity awareness training on its own, and it is completely okay to hire experts, who can conduct workshops with employees from time to time. Remember that cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, so keeping up with the changing landscape is critical. For that, cybersecurity programs must be organized periodically, and there are companies that specialize in such workshops. 

Collaborative effort

For cybersecurity to work, organizations must work together. Also, collaboration within the company is critical. You have to bring down the departmental silos, take action against those who refuse to be a part of the teamwork, and make collaboration happen. Cybersecurity measures can succeed, only when every employee is aware, trained, and well-versed with the threats and ways to stay protected. 

Final word

A considerable number of security breaches have been traced back to insiders, and in many cases, employees were not even aware of the consequences of action. To prevent such situations, cybersecurity training is more than essential, and it is wise and necessary to make the most of available resources. If required, create a set of dos and don’ts that will be applicable across all departments and levels. Find more online on cybersecurity training. 



Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, multiple enterprises chose to resume promoting their goods online. That this has become the reason why the Digital Marketing Team Philippines has become known more in the country. Seeing that, businesses that are only starting their online presence are depending on Digital Marketing Consultancy Philippines to help them with SEO maneuverings.

Search Engine Optimization is the method of improving the quality and quantity of web traffic. This is through increasing the visibility of a page to users that are utilizing the web search engine. This is the grand process for small businesses to get the recognition they desire in the massive world of the World Wide Web.

Once a businessman or a businesswoman engages with digital marketing, people noticing their promotion is not easy. Despite that billions of people are using the grand advancement that the Internet provides, having customers is still not uncomplicated as one thought it would be.

An entrepreneur needs to advertise their goods or services to their potential customers. Through Search Engine Optimization, a company’s webpage that used to be on the last page of the web result will be on the top on the very first sheet of the web results. This will occur once a digital user searches for a keyword relevant to the enterprise’s website.

SEO is a known trick in the world of online marketing. It has transcended over the years or so because Search Engine Optimization has helped multiple companies throughout its reigning. For this reason, more and more entrepreneurs are enthralled and hungry to grind, moreover be fruitful in the world of the Internet by taking advantage of the notorious method in online marketing.

Howbeit, don’t you know that there are several SEO practices that Google despises the most?

If you are one of those entrepreneurs that wanted for their business to get recognition or the CEO of a digital marketing company who wants to improve their services – you have clicked the right article.

Enhance your services and Search Engine Optimization strategies by reading this article brought to you by TOPSEOs regarding the top 5 SEO practices that you must stop because Google hates it:



Migration of Database from SQL Server to PostgreSQL

If you are trying to consider a list of the best RDBMS with rich set of administration tools and programming APIs.  Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL falls in this category. But, MS SQL comes with somewhat limited licensing policy and a high cost of ownership while PostgreSQL comes with less limiting license and it is open source. Which is the reason why lots of businesses and agencies examine SQL Server to PostgreSQL migration for their databases.

Generally speaking, the migration of database comprises of the following steps:

  • Extract table definitions from the source database in form of DDL SQL statements
  • Convert these instructions into Postgres format and load into the target database
  • Export data from the source database into an intermediate storage (for example, csv files)
  • Transform the data according to the destination format and load it into the target database
  • Extract views, stored procedures and triggers from SQL Server database in form of SQL statements and source code
  • Convert these statements and source code into the destination format and load into the target database

Apparently, the process of moving database from MS SQL to PostgreSQL demands lots of work when performing it manually. Additionally, there is high-risk of data loss or corruption due to the human factor. It would be a good idea to make use of special software to improve the conversion process.

One of these conversion resources is SQL to PostgreSQL tool created by Intelligent Converters.

Intelligent Converters is a software vendor that specializes in development solutions for the conversion of database, migration and synchronization since 2001.  MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter by Intelligent Conversion has exceptional high performance as a result of to the instant reading and writing of data without the need of any middleware libraries or elements. It works with all models of SQL Server and PostgreSQL as well as cloud solutions. The product shows a command line version to automate and to set up database conversion. MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter permits not only the migration of data from SQL Server into new database but as well consolidate or synchronize it with current PostgreSQL database.

If you require to move only specific records to the destination database. Not a problem, the tool enables you to filter data via SELECT queries. With this option, it is easy to pick specific columns and records or simply modify the data before converting it into PostgreSQL format. Below is a few instances of using this function for varying reasons.

  1. Filtering records: SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE ID > 300
  2. Select and rename individual columns: SELECT fn as FirstName, ln as LastName FROM Table1
  3. Skip NULL values: SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE description IS NOT NULL

Occasionally it is important to adjust column type in the resulting database. For this cause MS SQL to PostgreSQL converter offers feature called “custom column mapping”. It is a dialog window that enables you to change name, type, default value and NULL-attribute for any column of table and also exclude certain columns from conversion.

In case the target PostgreSQL server fails to allow remote connection, the software offers option to export the data into SQL script. In this method, the source database is exported into local a file containing SQL-statements to create tables with all indexes and constraints and fill them with the data. And after that, the database administrator can import the script file to PostgreSQL server via any conventional client tools.


Factors To Consider While Buying Ethernet Cables

While buying any network cable, two things are considered most important i.e. the quality and the price. The quality of an Ethernet cable is particularly very important since a good quality Ethernet cable can avoid frequent replacement and gives the best performance. Likewise, there are many other factors that add to a high-quality Ethernet cable, which must be considered while buying one:

  • Good ethernet cable passes the fluke test- A fluke test is essential and is also considered the most authoritative criteria to know the quality of the ethernet cable. Usually, a small network ethernet patch cables just need to pass the channel testing whereas the patch cables for big networks must pass the patch cord testing. Even though most of the vendors are aware of the fluke test, only a few known sellers like PrimeCables guarantee you Ethernet cables that have 100% passed the fluke test.
  • Good Ethernet cable uses oxygen-free copper wire- Copper is one of the best materials to be used in a cable network. Priorities are given to copper wire, oxygen-free copper wire, and bare copper wire. The purity of the copper wire is the most important as it allows very little signal loss. The price of these cable networks may be higher than the others but it ensures qualitative and long-lasting performance. 
  • 50um gold-plated connectors- The materials of the connectors used in a cable network are crucial for maintaining constant signals. Even though silver has the best conductivity, it is highly oxidizable. On the other hand, gold is hardly oxidized in the natural environment. The thickness of the gold plating which is measured in microns is also very vital. Low-micron plating will wear out quickly hence, it is advisable to use the thickest gold-plating available which is 50 microns. This thickness of the material used in Ethernet cables maintains fast and stable connectivity.
  • Ethernet cable that uses flame-retardant jacket- There are two types of materials, non-flame retardant, and flame retardant jacket. A flame retardant jacket is used to resist the spread of fire into a new area which the non-flame retardant cannot. Therefore, it is important for safety reasons that you buy cable networks that are flame-retardant. Normally, Ethernet cables use PVC, CM, and LSZH in patch cabling environment. 

These are some of the most important factors that you should be considering while buying an ethernet cable.