All You Need to Know About Social Media Monitoring Tools

You need to monitor what is being mentioned online. In business, customers are your priority, so you need to understand what they are saying about your brand. If you don’t pay attention to social media comments, you are likely to miss a variety of messages that revolve around your brand. However, it is daunting to switch from one app to another to access it all. If you find yourself carrying manual searches for mentions, you are in dire need of a well-crafted social media strategy.

An effective social media monitoring strategy will go a long way in modernizing your brand mentions in one main search. This will help you access your brand mentions in an integrated system. This way, you can swiftly access all essential messages and develop unmatched business strategies from your insights. Your main aim should be listing everything that adds value to your business.

Social monitoring is the heartbeat of social customer strategy. This strategy will help you prevent PR crisis, identify brand advocates, and lead to improved response times. Responding to customers on time will in turn improve brand loyalty.

So, What Is Social Media Monitoring?

In layman’s language, social monitoring means using a unique software tool to monitor what is being said about your brand online. This tool helps business people to respond to any engagement about their brand online. It helps entrepreneurs to review brand performance, repair service complaints, and respond to product questions, among others.

Social media monitoring does not only help you monitor brand mentions on your posts but also on posts that revolve around your brand without tagging you. It is hard to spot such mentions in manual searches. This is why it is prudent to engage your monitoring tools.

 How Social Monitoring Tools Work

These tools are crafted in a way that they can continuously craw on social media platforms. They index these sites either all through or after every ten minutes. These tools allow you to keep watch on your brand 24/7. So, you are pretty sure that you won’t miss a thing about your product. These tools will ensure your brand trends swiftly online and allow you to deal with crisis on time.

Media that monitoring tools cover?

Monitoring tools are capable of collecting mentions on websites such as:

  1. Twitter
  2. Forums
  3. News sites, review sites
  4. Instagram hashtag
  5. YouTube
  6. Blogs
  7. Facebook
  8. LinkedIn

Information That Social Media Monitoring Tools Collect

Trending hashtags: the tool will carefully generate all trending hashtags that will help you improve your brand and gain more customers. This is likely to be generated from twitter.

Estimated social media reach: This piece of information will help know the number of people that could have seen your posts. This will help you evaluate your marketing efforts.

The share of voice: this will help you evaluate your market share compared to that of your competitors.

The volume of mentions: This is the most common monitoring metric. It will help you gauge your keyword popularity on various platforms.

 How Can Social Media Monitoring Help You Grow Your Business?

  • Monitor brand reputation
  • It can help you safeguard your brand reputation
  • It will help you prevent a PR crisis
  • It will help you understand your audience taste and preferences
  • Help in evaluating the performance of PR marketing campaigns

 NetbaseQuid is a platform that specializes in providing real-time data analysis. The analyzed data creates an opportunity for brands to develop insights from the collected information. The information is collected from influencer identification, crisis response, social media listening, media monitoring, image analysis, and competitive analysis. An in-depth understanding of social trends helps you streamline your brand with the current customer needs.

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